We share our lived experiences through vivid illustrations and stories which are raw, honest and vulnerable. Experiences from our childhood, our careers, our parenting and just living our lives.

Our stories explore and reflect how we lived these experiences, how we grew from them and what changes when we look back.


We use a little humour to help us along this journey, telling the story of life Like It Is. 


Tanya Berry

Tanya is a technologist based in Hong Kong. She was born and educated in Australia and has spent her career spanning nearly 20 years living in London and Hong Kong. She is a passionate diversity advocate and seeks out unique and creative ways to find meaning and learnings from her life experiences. 


Chalky Wong

Chalky is an animator and cartoonist based in Los Angeles. He was born and raised in Hong Kong where he also received a diploma in Multimedia design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He continued to pursue a career in animation b y attending California Institute of the Arts, where he directed and made three animated films. An avid drawer and lover of food, Chalky splits his time between sketching, animating and roaming the city in search of good tacos.

Chalky Wong